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The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a European country whose capital is Luxembourg City. It has a population of about 600,000 inhabitants (164º) and an area of ​​2,586 km 2 (167º). It is part of the Benelux economic union (BE lgium, NE derlands and LUX emburgo). Its human development index is very high (21st) and its official currency is the euro. And what language is spoken in Luxembourg?

What language do they speak in Luxembourg?

According to its constitution, Luxembourg has no official languages, although it does mention French and German as administrative languages ​​and Luxembourgish as the national language:

  • French , spoken by 96% of the population.
  • German , which is spoken by 71% of its inhabitants.
  • Luxembourgish, with a total of 66% speakers.

And although it is not mentioned in any way in the constitution, it should be noted that English is spoken by 56% of the population. This makes Luxembourg one of the most multilingual nations in Europe and the world.

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But it is worth differentiating between native speakers and those who have learned the language as a second language. In that case, the classification is:

  1. Luxembourgish = 52% native + 14% second language
  2. French = 16% native speakers + 80% second language
  3. German = 2% native speakers + 69% second language
  4. Other languages ​​= 30% native speakers (the largest, Portuguese with 13% native speakers)

After Portuguese, the most widely spoken immigrant languages ​​are Italian (13,900), English (10,000), Serbian (4,600), Dutch (4,330), Spanish (3,780), Cape Verdean Creole (3,300) and Polish (2,140).

Any citizen has the right to be able to communicate with the administration in any of the 3 official languages ​​and be answered in those languages. Regarding the professional sector, the main working language of private companies is French (56%), Luxembourgish (20%), English (18%) and German (6%).

In education, Luxembourgish is taught in preschool and then, alongside French and German, in school. But despite this, Luxembourgish children learn to read and write in German, since the primary language of instruction is German (although there are some schools where it is French). Luxembourgish is taught for only one hour in secondary education. In addition to the three languages, English and Latin, Spanish or Italian are also taught in secondary.

The French language

French (français) is spoken by virtually the entire population. Due to the influences of the Napoleonic Code on the Luxembourg legal system, French is the sole language of legislation. It is also the preferred language of government, administration and justice. Despite this, debates in parliament are in Luxembourgish, although government communications and official documents (including passports) are issued only in French.

The German language

German (Deutsch) is frequently used in many means of communion (as is French) . The Luxembourgish population is not considered a German-speaking country (for this reason, Luxembourg refrained from getting involved in the orthographic reform of German in 1996). German is the main language of the written press and for recording police case files.

The luxembourgish language

Luxembourgish (Lëtzebuergesch) is a High Germanic language with strong influences from French, with more than 5,000 words coming from said language. It is mostly used by Luxembourgers to talk to each other, but it is hardly written in this language and immigrants hardly speak Luxembourgish among themselves. But despite its little use, more and more novels have been written in Luxembourgish since the 1980s.

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