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The French Republic is a country belonging to Europe and the European Union, whose capital is Paris. It has a population of about 67 million inhabitants (21st) and an area of ​​640,679 km 2. Its human development index is very high (24th) and its official currency is the euro. But what language is spoken in France?

What language do they speak in France?

France has only one official language, French.

However, there are several autochthonous regional languages, although these do not receive the same protection and promotion as French. Some of these regional languages ​​that stand out are Occitan, Breton, Catalan, Flemish, Alsatian and Basque, among others. Several of these languages ​​are also spoken in neighboring countries (Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Andorra or Spain).

map of regional languages ​​and dialects in france

France is home to many immigrant nationalities from around the world, resulting in a large number of non-native French speakers. The most widely spoken immigrant languages ​​are: Arabic (>3 million speakers), Berber (2.2M), Italian (0.8M), Portuguese (0.7M), Spanish (0.5M), English (0.3M), Vietnamese (0.3M), German (0.3M), Turkish (0.2M), Polish (0.1M).

The most learned foreign languages ​​are English (39%), Spanish (13%), German (8%), Italian (5%) and Portuguese (3%).

The French language

French (français) is the national language of France, spoken natively by 87% of the population. The use of French is mandatory by law in business communications and at work. Additionally, the government attempts to promote the language in the European Union and globally through institutions such as La Francophonie. It was important throughout the world for 3 centuries, until the United States rose as a world power.

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