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Italian music includes all musical genres and repertoires composed on Italian territory from the earliest days of music to the 21st century. It covers traditional music from different regions of Italy, from classical music from the Middle Ages to contemporary music, including Italian opera, and different genres of popular music, from variety to techno to hip-hop. going through the rock

Italy was, since the Middle Ages, the cradle of classical music with Guido d’Arezzo (musical notation) and Petrarca (the canzonieri of the troubadours), who each participated in their own way in its development. The madrigal of the Trecento and the engravings give an idea of ​​the evolution of secular music.

Even today, many of the terms or forms used in classical music come from Italian (a cappella, adagio, aria, airioso, cantata, canzone, coda, concerto, oratorio, partita, recitative, scherzo, sonata, toccata, etc.).

One cannot speak of this music without mentioning the great luthiers Andrea Amati, Niccolò Amati and Antonio Stradivari who gave string instruments their letters of nobility or the harpsichordist Bartolomeo Cristofori, to whom we owe the invention of the pianoforte.

Traditional music is obviously linked to the many regionalisms that make Italy a mosaic of different folklore and dialects. There are polyphonies, monodies, ballatas, scampanadas, chiasso, etc. There are also several immigrant communities (Albanians, Greeks, Balkans, North Africans, etc.) who have kept their traditions here and have influenced traditional music, bringing, for example, very high voices, even nasal, using almost oriental ornaments.

Its most important musical genres are: Classical (opera), Pop, Rock, Disco, House, Dance, Folk, Hip hop and Jazz.

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