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The music of Israel is an integral part of Israeli culture. Archaeological finds indicate that musical culture existed in modern Israel four thousand years ago. Apparently, at that time it was no different from the musical culture of neighboring nations. With the development of Judaism, a special tradition of temple music arose in the Jewish kingdoms, which after the destruction of the Second Temple was partially preserved in the synagogue music that developed both in Israel and in the Jewish diaspora. Later, the region was dominated by a pan-Arab musical tradition that influenced European music during the Crusades.

In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, a new culture was formed in the Palestinian Jewish community in anticipation of the establishment of the State of Israel, an important part of which consisted of songs with patriotic content, both in the music of the songs popular and folk music from Eastern Europe, as (later) in the original music, which was influenced by classical Jewish, European and Arab musical traditions. On the eve of Israel’s founding and during its first decades of existence, these songs, the so-called “Songs of the Land of Israel,” constituted an important layer of the new Jewish culture.

Later, Israeli music became more cosmopolitan, adapting to world trends as well as the cultural traditions of immigrants from around the world. By the early 21st century, Israel had developed academic music, a variety of rock and pop currents, and numerous national and international music festivals and competitions.

Israeli music charts

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(LIST) Music from Israel for parties

(TOP-10) Typical, traditional, folk Israeli music

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Youtube videos

The music of Israel, how could it be otherwise, is also found on YouTube.

(LIST) Best pop classics

(LIST) Traditional Israeli songs

(TOP-12) Artists from Israel

The most famous Israeli singers.

(TOP-6) Mix videos (>40 min.)

Long videos where the traditional music of the country is compiled.

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