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The Republic of Suriname is a country located in South America, whose capital is Paramaribo . Its population is about 575,000 inhabitants (171º) and it has an extension of 163,821 km 2 (90º). It has a high development index (98th) and its official currency is the Surinamese dollar. And what language is spoken in Suriname?

What language do they speak in Suriname?

Suriname has one official language , Dutch .

However, Suriname has 14 local languages , which are: Sranan Tongo (369,300 speakers), Sarnami Hindustani (75,500), Surinamese Javanese (36,300), Aukan (22,400), Saramaka (15,100), Tiriyó (1,300), Kariña ( 1,200), Arawak (500), Wayana (450), Warao (400), Kwinti (200), Sikiana (12), Waiwai (10) and Mawayana (2).

The most common immigrant languages ​​are Guyanese Creole (33,000 speakers), Indonesian (8,940), Hakka Chinese (7,300), Cantonese Chinese (5,300), Spanish (2,600), Arabic (1,000), English (900), and Portuguese (300). .

The Dutch language

Dutch ( Nederlands ) is spoken by 50% of the population , making it the second most widely spoken language in the country. It is also the language of government, education, business and the media. It is easily differentiated from other standard forms of Dutch as it features many loanwords from other Surinamese languages. It is the most common language in urban areas; Inside there is hardly any talk. Dutch is seen as the language of prestige.

dutch language in suriname

The Sranan Tongo language

Sranan Tongo (Sranantongo ) is spoken by 66% of the population (12.3% natively and 53.6% second language). It is used as a lingua franca by the various groups (Hindu, Javanese, Chinese, Native American, and Saramaka). It is also the most used language in everyday life in the country and is frequently exchanged with Dutch depending on the formality of the conversation.

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