How to visit and what to see in the Congress of Deputies of Madrid

Located on Carrera de San Jerónimo, which joins Paseo del Prado with Puerta del Sol, the Congress of Deputies is the place where political life in Spain takes place.

In fact, the building where it is located is called Palacio de las Cortes, and it is one of the main places to visit in Madrid, especially if you want to witness one of the most important and historic buildings in Spain.

The building of the Congress of Deputies, seat of the Cortes, was inaugurated in 1850 by Queen Elizabeth II and is neoclassical in style. But in this place the government had already met since 1834, taking advantage of the convent that existed there and that was replaced by the Palacio de las Cortes.

How to visit the Congress of Deputies

Madrid - Congress of DeputiesIts exterior highlights the famous façade formed by a portico with 6 Corinthian columns and above all the two bronze lions on each side that have become the symbol of this jewel of neoclassicism.

As a curiosity, we highlight that these lions were made with the cast bronze of some enemy cannons in the African War in 1860.

The interior of the Congress of Deputies, which can be visited on Saturdays with a guide, is also very interesting.

Its hemicycle stands out, the Sessions Room, where the deputies meet and where we can see a tapestry with the coat of arms of Spain, the statues of the Catholic Monarchs and other canvases.

Madrid - Congress of Deputies - HemicycleIn the vault above the benches, the large central painting of Isabel II stands out, surrounded by historical figures such as El Cid or Christopher Columbus.

From the rest of the building you can also visit the Conference Room and the oval hall that is used for solemn acts and where there is a statue of Elizabeth II. Also the Library and the Archive can be visited.

If you want to visit the Congress of Deputies, in December, coinciding with Constitution Day, an open day is usually held, but the queues are usually long. That is why we recommend visiting it any other Saturday of the year that it is open.

For the visit to the Congress you can find more information on its official website.

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