How to enjoy the Madrid Amusement Park

It is the oldest amusement park in the city and since 1969, the Madrid Amusement Park has been the favorite place of entertainment for both children and adults and the reference in Madrid until the Warner Park was inaugurated.

It is in a privileged area, very close to the center of Madrid, in the heart of Casa de Campo and next to another of the city’s important parks, the Madrid Zoo.

Thanks to this location, it has very easy access so you have no excuse not to come and enjoy this place.

Knowing the Madrid Amusement Park

Madrid - Amusement ParkUnlike, for example, the Warner Park, the Amusement Park is not dedicated to any particular theme nor does it have hotels in its surroundings like other modern parks such as Disneyland Paris.

But it does have in common its division into thematic areas with attractions, shops and restaurants where you can enjoy yourself.

It was inaugurated in 1969 and some old attractions have been replaced by newer and safer ones, which gives the park a very modern look.

The Amusement Park is divided into 4 zones:

  • Madrid - Amusement Park 2Machinism Zone. It is the favorite area for lovers of strong emotions. Here we find the most exciting and impressive attractions with roller coasters that will make you feel dizzy. The most important are the Tarantula, the Top Spin, the Tornado or the Abyss.
  • Tranquility Zone. It is the special area to relax, walk, rest and enjoy the less intense attractions. Here we can find the Jungle or the Star Fly, this being the highest attraction in the Amusement Park.
  • Nature Zone. In any park of this type there is usually a similar area. Vegetation and water attractions predominate here, the favorites in the hottest months. We can highlight Los Rapidos, the Tren de la Mina or Vertigo.
  • Children’s area. This is where the little ones will enjoy. Without a doubt, the area you should go to if you go with children. The most important attractions in this area are the Elevated Train, the Children’s Shuttle or the Crazy Wagons, attractions where the little ones will be the kings.

You can find more information on the official website of the Amusement Park.

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