Enjoy modern art at Center George Pompidou in Paris

The most modern art that can be seen in Paris is found in the George Pompidou Center which houses the National Museum of Modern Art.

His works date from after 1900 and in addition to this incredible display of modernist works there is also a library and a center for acoustic and musical research.

This museum receives numerous visits from both lovers of modern art and those who are not.

The curious building

Paris - Center George PompidouAnd the reason for receiving so many visits is the curious building that has housed it since 1977, which was built where the old Les Halles market used to be.

This was the reason for a great controversy and controversy in its day that has already been overcome.

The George Pompidou building is square, industrial in style and stands out because its elevators and stairs are visible from the outside and have striking colours.

The air, electricity and water ducts are also colored. For that alone, the building is worth visiting, even from the outside, even if you don’t like modern art.

What to see at the George Pompidou

In addition to enjoying the great atmosphere of the square where it is located and its striking exterior, you can visit its collection of modern and contemporary art that is inside.

All the works on display are after 1905, since the earlier ones are in the Musée d’Orsay. The most important part of the Museum of Modern Art is located on the fourth and fifth floors, the permanent exhibition halls.

The oldest of the works are on the fifth floor, until 1960. While those after that year we can see them on the fourth in a collection with works that reach the present day. The artists who exhibit in this museum are very varied and include Matisse, Picasso, Kandinsky or Miró.

In addition, we also propose going up to the sixth floor of this innovative museum where you have a terrace from which you can have one.

You can find more information on the George Pompidou official website.

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