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The Republic of Croatia is a country belonging to Europe, whose capital is Zagreb. It has a population of more than 4 million inhabitants (129º) and an area of ​​56,594 km 2 (124º). Its human development index is very high (46th) and its official currency is the Croatian kuna. But what language is spoken in Croatia?

What language do they speak in Croatia?

Croatia has only one official language, Croatian.

Likewise, by law in Croatia, a minority language will be in official use in municipalities where they add up to more than a third of the population (or if the local legislation considers it appropriate). These languages ​​are: Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Italian, Ruthenian and Serbian.

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After Croatian, the most widely spoken language is Serbian (1.23% of the population). It is followed by Italian (0.43%), Albanian (0.4%), Bosnian (0.39%), Roma (0.34%), Hungarian (0.24%), Slovenian (0.22%), Serbo-Croatian (0.18%), Czech (0.15%) and Slovak (0.09%).

Croatia is a bilingual country, as 78% of the population knows at least one other language. The most learned foreign languages ​​are English (49%), German (34%) and Italian (14%). Also mention the command of French and Russian, both spoken by 4% of Croats. Only 2% know Spanish.

Croatian language

Croatian (Hrvatski) is spoken by 95.6 % of the population. It was the official language that replaced Latin until the 19th century. At the time of Yugoslavia, the official language was Serbo-Croatian and Serbian and Croatian variants were not distinguished, but simply referred to as the Eastern or Western version of Serbo-Croatian. For this reason, they are currently very protective of their language. Words with foreign origin (for example Austrian, Hungarian, Italian or Turkish) have been adapted and altered to the Slavic sounds of Croatian.

It is written using the Latin alphabet and has 3 dialects: Stocavian, Chakavian and Kaikavian (they differ in vocabulary, pronunciation and syntax).

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