• History of Belarus

    The beginnings of Belarus The oldest settlements of people were found in the Gomel region, near the villages of Yurovichi and Berdyzh. Already at the beginning of the first millennium, Slavic tribes began to settle in Belarus. Gradually, they assimilated the Baltic tribes that lived in these areas, and from the 6th century the first political associations – tribal unions – began to take shape. There were three such unions on Belarusian lands: Krivichi, Dregovichi and Radimichi. One of the oldest cities in Belarus is Polotsk, which is first mentioned in chronicles in the year 862. At the same time,…

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  • Traditions and customs of Belarus

    What traditions and customs are there in Belarus? A brief look at the customs and traditions of Belarus, a former Soviet country. Food and economy Food in daily life Belarusian eating habits are not very different from those of people from other Eastern European cultures. They usually have three main daily meals, with staples including red meat and potatoes. Belarusians are also very fond of spending their free time in the forest in search of the many types of mushrooms that are used in soups and other dishes. Favorite Belarusian dishes include borscht, a soup made from beets served hot…

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