• Vietnamese typical food

    Geographic setting and environment Vietnam is a long and narrow country in Southeast Asia. China limits it to the north; Cambodia, Laos, and the Gulf of Thailand to the west; and the South China Sea (which the Vietnamese call “the East Sea”) to the east. Covering a total of 327,500 square kilometers, Vietnam is roughly the same size as Italy and Japan. The geography of Vietnam plays an important role in the cuisine of the country. Rice, which is the mainstay of the Vietnamese diet, is grown throughout the country, but especially in the Red River Delta in the north…

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  • Vietnamese history

    Brief history of Vietnam summarized A brief review of the summarized history of Vietnam, an Asian country. Old Vietnam About 2,000 years ago, the people of North Vietnam began to cultivate rice in the Red River Valley. To irrigate their crops they built dams and dug canals. They were forced to work together and an organized kingdom called the Van Lang emerged. However, in the second century BC the Chinese conquered the area. The Chinese ruled North Vietnam for more than 1,000 years and the Chinese civilization had a great impact on the Vietnamese. However, in South Vietnam there was…

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  • Traditions and customs of Vietnam

    What traditions and customs are there in Vietnam? A look at Southeast Asia with the customs and traditions of Vietnam. Gastronomy Food in daily life Rice is the staple of the diet that most people eat three times a day. Rice is usually consumed jointly by family members. The common practice is to prepare several dishes that are placed on a tray or table that people sit around. Individuals have small bowls filled with rice, and then take the food from the trays as well as the rice from their bowls with chopsticks. The Vietnamese often accompany these main dishes…

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  • Photo of Vietnamese language

    Vietnamese language

    The Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia, whose capital is Hanoi. It has a population of 95 million people (15th) and an area of ​​331,212 km 2 (65th). Its human development index is medium (116th) and its official currency is the Vietnamese dong. And what language is spoken in Vietnam? What language do they speak in Vietnam? Vietnam only has one official language, Vietnamese. Despite the fact that French was the foreign language that dominated, it has now given way to English, which is the language that has commercial and tourist influence. Thus, English is the…

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