South Korea

  • Photo of South Korean language

    South Korean language

    The Republic of Korea is a country in East Asia, and its capital is Seoul. It has a population of more than 51 million inhabitants (27th) and an area of ​​100,363 km2 (107th). Its human development index is very high (22nd) and its official currency is the South Korean won. And what language is spoken in South Korea? What language do they speak in South Korea? South Korea has one official language, Korean. In education, English is a compulsory subject, while Japanese or Mandarin Chinese are optional. Approximately 10% of the South Korean population can speak English well; most of…

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  • Traditions and customs of South Korea

    What traditions and customs are there in South Korea? From East Asia and North Korea’s northern neighbor, the customs and traditions of South Korea. Gastronomy Food in daily life The rapid changes in lifestyles that have accompanied economic development since the 1960s have changed the traditional pattern of eating rice with every meal. Some urbanites can eat toast, eggs, and milk for breakfast, using a fork and knife. However, for many people, a bowl of steamed white rice, a vegetable soup with soybean paste and a bowl of kimch’I can still be the basic daily meal, to which vegetables, fish,…

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