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    Lebanon language

    The Lebanese Republic (Lebanon) is a country belonging to Asia, whose capital is Beirut. It has a population of 6 million inhabitants (112º) and an extension of 10,452 km 2 (161º). Its human development index is high (80º) and its official currency is the Lebanese pound. But what language is spoken in Lebanon? What language do they speak in Lebanon? Lebanon has one official language, Modern Standard Arabic. In addition, article 11 of its constitution dictates that ” A law determines the cases in which the French language must be used.” In education, 70% of secondary schools teach French as…

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  • Traditions and customs of Lebanon

    What traditions and customs are there in Lebanon? With this article we will understand the customs and traditions of Lebanon. Gastronomy Food in daily life Lebanese cuisine is Mediterranean. Pita bread is a staple food. Lebanese enjoy hummus (a chickpea dip), fool (a broad bean dip), and other bean dishes. Rice is almost a staple food and pasta is very popular. Salty yogurt is common in many dishes. Red meat and chicken are common, but are usually eaten as part of a dish. Pork is less popular as it is prohibited under Islamic law. Eating in Lebanon is tied to…

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