• Korean History (South/North)

    Brief history of Korea (North and South) summarized A brief review of the history of both Koreas, both North and South, in an entertaining and summarized way. Ancient Korea In 4000 BC there were stone age farmers living in Korea. Around the year 1000 BC they had already learned to use bronze. By 300 BC they had learned to use iron to make tools and weapons. At first, Korea was divided into tribes, but over time organized kingdoms emerged. There were three of them, Goguryeo in the north and Silla and Baekje in the south. According to legend, Silla was…

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  • Photo of Korean music

    Korean music

    Korean music is a mix of Chinese and Japanese influences and indigenous elements. Although it was primarily an independent state (except during the colonization of the Mongol Empire or a dependent state of the Chinese Empire for a short period of time and finally during the colonization of the Japanese Empire in 1910), Korea has been divided into two since the War of Korea, but its traditional music and culture remain the same. The only difference comes from the western capitalist influence on modern music in the South, and the western communist influence in the North. Korean traditional music (gugak)…

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