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    Iran language

    The Islamic Republic of Iran is a country that belongs to the Middle East, in Asia, whose capital is Tehran. It has a population of more than 82 million inhabitants (18th) and an area of ​​1,648,195 km2 (17th). Its human development index is high (60º) and its official currency is the Iranian rial. But what language is spoken in Iran? What language do they speak in Iran? Iran has one official language, Persian. Likewise, Arabic is recognized as the language of Islam, having a formal status as the language of religion. And due to the ethnic plurality of Iran, the…

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  • History of Iran

    Iran enjoys one of the richest historical lineages of any modern state dating back several thousand years. This history can be roughly divided into three epochs: the early pre-Islamic period (c559 BC to 651 AD); the Islamic era (651 BC to 1800 AD); and the modern age, defined by its encounter with Western modernity from around 1800. The ancient pre-Islamic period The history of “Iran” proper begins with the migration of Iranian tribes from Central Asia to what is now known as the Iranian Plateau in the 2nd millennium BC. But organized human settlements developed much earlier, and the Elamite…

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  • Traditions and customs of Iran

    What traditions and customs are there in Iran? Introduction to the customs and traditions of Iran, the Persian country. Gastronomy Food in daily life As one would expect from Iran’s geographical location, its food strikes a middle ground between Greek and Indian preparations. It is more varied than Greek food, and less spicy and more subtle than Indian food, with greater use of fresh ingredients. Iranians have a healthy diet focused on fresh fruits, vegetables, and greens. The meat (usually lamb, goat, or chicken) is used as a condiment rather than as the center of a meal. Rice and fresh…

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