South Africa

  • South African traditions and customs

    What traditions and customs are there in South Africa? A review of the customs and traditions of South Africa, the southernmost country on the African continent. Gastronomy Food in daily life It consists of the traditionally simple food of starches and meats characteristic of an agricultural and frontier society. The early pioneer farmers of Afrikaner sometimes subsisted entirely on meat when conditions for the grain trade were not favourable. There is only one specialty cuisine on the Cape, with its mix of Dutch, English and South East Asian cuisine. Food plays a central role in family and community life for…

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  • Photo of South African language

    South African language

    The Republic of South Africa is a country belonging to Africa, whose capitals are Cape Town (legislative), Pretoria (executive) and Bloemfontein (judicial). It has a population of 58 million inhabitants (24th) and an area of ​​1,221,037 km 2 (24th). Its human development index is medium (113º) and its official currency is the South African rand. And what language is spoken in South Africa? What language do they speak in South Africa? South Africa is one of the countries with the most official languages, up to 11 languages ​​(2 of European origin and 9 autochthonous). The percentages as first language are:…

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  • History of South Africa

    Brief history of South Africa summarized A brief tour of the history of South Africa. South African beginnings More than a hundred thousand years ago, the people of what is now South Africa lived by hunting animals and gathering plants. They used stone tools. Then, about 2,000 years ago, people in the west learned to herd sheep and cattle. About 200 people from the Christian era engaged in mixed farming (cropping and raising livestock) and making iron tools in eastern South Africa. At the end of the 15th century, the Portuguese passed through the Cape of Good Hope. However, it…

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