The best things to see in Galicia in 4 days. car tours

Do you want to know what to see in Galicia in 4 days? Well, you have come to the right place, although we already tell you that four days are very few to visit Galicia and get to know all those wonderful corners that it has.

The ideal is to have more days but if you are not so lucky, here we are going to propose several alternatives to get to know Galicia in 4 days. You can also know its rural areas of the interior.

The best thing is to establish a base, which can be in the province of La Coruña or Pontevedra, and from there, visit the best of Galicia.

What to see in Galicia in 4 days. Province of A Coruna

First day. Santiago de Compostela

What to see in Galicia in 3 days - Santiago de CompostelaWe will dedicate the first of our 4-day trip to Galicia to its capital, Santiago de Compostela, where you can establish the base to visit the rest.

Without a doubt, Santiago de Compostela is the most beautiful city in Galicia and one of the most beautiful in Spain. If you want to visit Galicia in 4 days, you cannot miss it. To visit Santiago de Compostela in a very complete way you can do this free tour of Santiago.

In Santiago de Compostela you should visit its Cathedral, the streets and squares that surround it, such as the Plaza del Obradoiro, and many other places of interest that you will find.

To find out the complete itinerary, you can read our article about Santiago de Compostela in 1 day or take this guided tour of the city.

Second day. La Coruna

Visit Galicia in 4 days - La Coruña - Tower of Hercules

Our tour continues with the best things to see in Galicia in 4 days and we go to La Coruña, another obligatory destination.

You can get to know La Coruña in one day and admire its most famous monument, the Tower of Hercules, without forgetting to climb its steps for great views.

We also recommend you visit the Plaza de María Pita or the Paseo Marítimo, as well as the rest of the spectacular places that we can see in La Coruña in one day. A very original way to get to know the city is with this free tour of La Coruña.

If you have time, you can go to Ferrol or make another visit close to the city such as Porto de Santa Cruz, in Oleiros, with a spectacular beach.

What to visit in Galicia on the third day

Get to know Galicia in 4 daysOn the third day of our 4-day visit to Galicia, we can go to the rugged Galician coasts and tour its fishing villages.

The Costa da Morte is our destination, in a visit that could take more than a day. But if you want to visit it in one day, we recommend you go from Muros to Camariñas, the most beautiful part of the Costa da Morte.

In this area we will find Carnota, with its beach and granary, the Mirador de Ézaro, Fisterra and its lighthouse, Muxía or Cabo Vilán, very close to Camariñas and the English Cemetery.

And you also have many excursions to the Costa da Morte to get to know it in the easiest way possible.

Fourth day in Galicia

Galicia in 4 daysWe will continue to dedicate the last of the 4 days in Galicia based on the province of La Coruña to the sea and its steep coasts, but this time the one located to the east of La Coruña.

This is the Rías Altas, especially the Costa Ártabra, which is in our opinion the best area. Cedeira, San Andrés de Teixidó, Cabo Ortegal, Ortigueira or Estaca de Bares are a must.

You can end the day by visiting Ferrol, or if you prefer, continue to Ribadeo, already in the province of Lugo, where the beautiful Playa de las Catedrales is located.

Visit Galicia in 4 days. Province of Pontevedra

First day. Pontevedra and Vigo

Visit Galicia 4 daysIf to get to know Galicia in 4 days you have established your base in the province of Pontevedra, on the first day you can tell the 2 main cities of the province.

The one that we like the most is Pontevedra, thanks to its Cathedral, its historic center, its beautiful streets and squares and all its corners.

Vigo is a very big city with a lot to visit and very close to Pontevedra. It has a very interesting old town and also a more modern area that you cannot miss.

To get to know both cities, we recommend you take a free tour of Pontevedra or a free tour of Vigo.

Second day in Galicia. the south of the region

Galicia 4 days - Tui - Old TownOn the second day of the best things to visit in Galicia in 4 days, we can go to the south of the region with very beautiful places.

The first destination may be Tui, a small city with a very nice old town crowned by a grandiose Cathedral from which you have beautiful views.

Nearby is A Guarda, whose main point of interest is the Monte de Santa Tegra, from which you have great views of the mouth of the River Miño and its surroundings. In addition, on the mountain there is a Celtic fort.

From there we can follow the coast to the north, first visiting the Monastery of Santa María de Oya, and later Baiona, one of the most touristic cities in Galicia, where the Castle of Monterreal, currently a Parador de Turismo, is located.

What to do the third day in Galicia. The Arousa estuary

4 days in GaliciaWe are going to dedicate the third of our 4 days to visit Galicia to the Ría de Arousa.

In the Ría de Arosa we have innumerable places to visit that will surprise us. such as A Lanzada Beach, El Grove or Cambados.

Further north is Ribeira or the Corrubedo Dunes, a spectacular place that you should not miss.

Do not miss our article on the Rías Baixas, to discover what you can discover in each of the Galician rías.

To get to know this area, the best thing to do is to take this excursion through the Ría de Arousa, which will not disappoint you.

Fourth day in Galicia. The Rias of Pontevedra and Vigo

Galicia - Cies Islands - Rodas BeachWe can dedicate our last day in Galicia to the Pontevedra and Vigo estuaries, starting our tour through Combarro, one of the most beautiful towns in Spain thanks to its granaries and stone crosses.

We recommend you go through the entire estuary and visit places as touristic as Sansenxo or Raxó and enjoy beaches like Samil.

The visit cannot be complete without going to the Cíes Islands, an excursion that will take you a long time, even a full day. There you cannot miss one of the great wonders to see in Galicia in 4 days, such as Playa de Rodas, and do a hiking route through the islands.

Ons Island is another alternative. And you can also go by boat to it.

Ourense or Lugo?

Lugo - Roman WallThe provinces of Orense or Lugo also have many spectacular places that you can visit, starting with the capitals of both provinces and ending with Monforte de Lemos and the neighboring Ribeira Sacra.

If you are going to visit Galicia in 4 days and it is your first visit, we recommend you do one of the two proposed routes and visit Orense or Lugo on the way to or from Galicia. Keep in mind that these two cities can be visited in one morning.

You can find more information about what to visit in Galicia on its official tourism page.

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