The best things to see in Baiona in 1 day, the first to learn about the New World

Baiona is a medieval city, very important in the history of Spain, located at the entrance of the Ría de Vigo and famous for being the city where La Pinta arrived in 1493 after returning from America.

In this way, Baiona became the first port in Europe to receive news of the new world that had been discovered and that is why in this city we can find a replica of one of the 3 caravels captained by Christopher Columbus.

But in Baiona there are also many other places of interest that you should visit.

The best tour to visit Baiona and discover its places of interest

1. What to see in Baiona. The Castle of Monterrey

Galicia - Baiona - Monterreal CastleThe most interesting place to visit in Baiona, and the place where our tour of this beautiful town should begin, is the Castle of Monterreal, a must-see, and where the Parador is currently located.

The Castle of Monterreal is actually a set of fortifications, which were built between the 11th and 18th centuries and have had different uses throughout history, being a time of greatest splendor when the Catholic Monarchs reformed it in the 16th century to defend the village.

The castle is surrounded by 3 km of walls where we find three interesting towers, that of the Prince, that of Pincers and the Clock Tower, which had a bell to warn of enemy attacks. As a curiosity to say that in the Prince ‘s prison a Portuguese prisoner was locked up with an iron mask as in the novel by Alexandre Dumas and the famous film starring Leonardo di Caprio.

2. From the Castle to the Old Town of Baiona

Baiona - Caravel PintaFrom the Parador we can walk to the Old Town, declared a site of historical-artistic interest.

But first we can admire the beaches of Baiona and the Encounter of Two Worlds monument, which is located in the place where the first indigenous person who came to Europe from America was buried.

Nearby is the famous replica of La Pinta, which has been converted into a floating museum.

3. The Old Town of Baiona

One of the best things to see in Baiona, in the Old Town we can stroll through some cobbled and narrow streets, flanked by arcades and fishermen’s houses that stand out for the boats on their facades and the images of the Virgin.

In the pretty alleys of the Old Town of Baiona we find the old Collegiate Church of Santa María, with a spectacular rose window, and the Chapel of Santa Liberata, dedicated to the famous martyr of Baiona who was the first woman to be crucified and whose story is represented in the altarpiece

From the Old Town we must also highlight the Town Hall, the House of Culture, the Chapel of San Juan or the Crucero de la Trinidad, one of the most important in Galicia. And all this accompanied by beautiful palaces and spectacular stately homes.

4. The Bayonne Promenade

Galicia - Baiona - Virgin of the Rock

The tour of Baiona can end at the Paseo Marítimo from which there are beautiful views of the estuary.

The walk begins at Monte do Groba, where the well-known Virgen de la Roca is located, at whose feet there is a spectacular viewpoint from which you can have the best views of the Ría de Vigo and which we recommend visiting.

At the end of the Paseo Marítimo we find the beaches of Santa Marta and Ladeira, separated by a small peninsula where the Hermitage of Santa Marta is located.

You can find more information about what to see in Baiona on the Baiona tourism page.

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