The best thing to visit in Bajo Ampurdán, the Spanish Tuscany

Medieval towns, hidden coves, fishing villages and many other charms is what Bajo Ampurdán offers us, a spectacular Catalan region in the province of Girona that leaves no one indifferent and that many have cataloged as the Spanish Tuscany.

In just a few kilometers we find a natural and architectural wealth, with a great history behind it, that we will find in few places.

For this reason, we recommend visiting Bajo Ampurdán and enjoying these spectacular medieval towns, an area where you also have many charming rural houses.

What to see in Bajo Ampurdán

Monells, the most beautiful of the medieval towns

Girona - MonellsOf all the medieval towns that we can find in the Lower Ampurdán, Monells is our favourite. Perhaps because it is not as crowded as others in the area as it appears in all the guides or for any other reason, but we love Monells.

The visit to Monells does not take you long as it is quite small, but its architecture is spectacular with a Plaza Mayor that you cannot stop admiring thanks to its arches and arcades and with surroundings that you will not be able to stop walking.

In addition, there are remains of its old wall and it is part of a municipality where Cruilles is also located, another beautiful medieval town in the area.

Begur, between history and the sea

Girona - Begur - Sa Riera BeachBegur is one of the best-known and most touristic towns in Bajo Ampurdán. In addition, in it we can combine history and beach since Begur is known for its castle, its Indian houses and its beautiful alleys but also for its beautiful beaches and coves.

Among the beaches we must highlight Sa Riera and Sa Tuna, two of the most beautiful on the Costa Brava. We have to say that as beaches they are not comfortable at all but they are beaches located in a privileged environment, this being their greatest charm.

Strolling through the streets of Begur and taking a bath in one of its beautiful beaches is something that is almost obligatory in Bajo Ampurdán.

Pals, the best-known medieval town

Girona - PalsLike Begur, Pals combines medieval history with nature. The town of Pals is one of the most beautiful medieval towns in the Lower Ampurdán and possibly the one that receives the most visitors as it is one of the most famous.

The town of Pals is walled and its cobblestone streets are a real wonder. Walking through this town is a great experience admiring its beautiful houses, watchtowers, the remains of the old castle or the Church of Sant Pere. Despite the fact that today it lives for tourism, Pals has not asked for its medieval essence.

A few kilometers from the town are its beaches. Pals Beach is one of the largest on the Costa Brava, it is 3.5 km long, and it is one of the favorites for surf lovers. The beach forms a spectacular set with the neighboring Medes Islands. It is also the perfect place from which to make a rural getaway with children.

Palafrugell and its beaches

Girona - Calella PalafrugellThis city is one of the largest in the region and one with the most history. In the town there was an old castle of which nothing is preserved and today its historic center is a good place to go shopping.

But if we place Palafrugell on this list it is because of its beaches, located in 3 different seaside towns with a special charm and that must be visited.

One of them is Calella de Palafrugell, the most beautiful of all. Its small coves in front of white fishing houses give it a special air, although it has nothing to envy to the other two that make up the beaches of Palafrugell, such as Llafranc and Tamariu. Nor should you miss the wonderful natural environment in which they are found.

Peratallada, where time stopped

Girona - PeratalladaIf we talk about medieval towns in the Lower Ampurdán, we cannot leave aside the impressive Peratallada, one of the best preserved and where we can go back to the Middle Ages without traveling back in time.

It also usually has a lot of tourism but its medieval essence has been maintained. Inside the walled enclosure of Peratallada there is a beautiful castle, of which its homage tower stands out. Strolling through its streets and squares is mandatory while admiring its beautiful houses.

Peratallada belongs to the municipality of Forallac, to which Vulpellac also belongs, where we can admire a beautiful medieval castle.

Other places to visit in Bajo Ampurdán

These places are the essentials of this Catalan region, but we could make a much longer and endless list with everything we can see in Bajo Ampurdán.

We can start with the capital of the region, La Bisbal, with its ceramic shops, and we could continue with other medieval towns such as Ullastret, where there is also an Iberian town, or Palau-Sator, another of the medieval towns that competes in beauty with its neighbours. Nor should you miss Púbol, where the castle that Dalí gave to Gala is located.

Speaking of beaches, we can highlight large tourist centers such as Palamós or Playa de Aro, although along the entire coast it is possible to find more hidden beaches and beautiful coves in smaller towns.

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