The best natural spaces to visit from Barcelona

Spain is one of the countries in the world that receives the most tourists. More than 80 million visitors last year attest to this. Of all the possible destinations in our country, Barcelona is the most attractive city for international tourism, and one of the favorites for national tourists as well.

At a European level, Barcelona is considered the third best city on the continent. To get an idea of ​​the relevance of this data, Madrid ranks eleventh in this record. Worldwide, Barcelona is the eighth city in the world.

These data are provided by the consulting firm Resonance Consultancy in the World’ Best Cities ranking, in which 23 factors of each city are compared. According to this report, Barcelona is an almost ideal European city and ranks second in the world in the place category, which measures the natural and built environment of the city.

The natural aspect is the one that most interests us and we will develop it next. Another piece of information that speaks of the success of Barcelona as a city capable of attracting tourists is that which comes from the Reputation Institute. In its City RepTrack Report, the Catalan capital appears as the sixth city with the best reputation in the world.

It is often said that Barcelona is a very cosmopolitan city, and this is confirmed by the very definition of cosmopolitan. Cosmopolitan is understood as those multicultural spaces for its citizens that give value.

Thus, the cosmopolitan concept is nothing more than a fusion of customs and knowledge, and of this there is plenty in Barcelona: dozens of urban tribes, neighborhoods that continue to preserve the magic of decades ago, modernist spaces, a historic center in which there is room for all kinds of of people, picturesque spaces for tourists, music festivals that welcome tens of thousands of people, FC Barcelona…

However, on this occasion we propose a different type of tourism in the province, ecotourism, discovering the impressive nature that surrounds Barcelona and that provides that clean air that is so demanded at times in the capital.

The Ter, a river that crosses the province

The Ter river is one of the most emblematic in the province. In the province of Barcelona, ​​it crosses the Castell de Montesquiu Park and the Les Guilleries-Savassona Natural Area, where we find hiking trails adapted to all types of walkers.

The mountain of Montserrat, a symbol of Catalonia

This is undoubtedly one of the most emblematic protected areas in Catalonia. The monastery of Montserrat with La Moreneta is a place visited by thousands of pilgrims, hikers, climbers and tourists. The rounded shapes of this mountain range make up one of the most peculiar landscapes in Catalonia.

This place can be accessed on foot or by private vehicle, or by cable car, rack railway or funicular. An alternative to reach this and other natural tourist areas is with Liligo. From this website it is possible to compare rental car prices in order to decide on the company that best suits your needs.

The Monk’s Way

Very close to the Montserrat Natural Park, the Sant Llorenç del Munt massif and the L’Obac mountain range are home to some of the province’s roofs. At the peak of La Mola, at 1,104 meters above sea level, we can enjoy an impressive landscape. To access there, the Camí dels Monjos, Way of the Monks, is the most common itinerary.

The Montseny

And if the Camí dels Monjos is high, the Montseny Natural Park is even higher. This mountainous massif is the highest in the Catalan pre-coastal mountain range. Some notable mountain ranges are Turó de l’Home, Les Agudes and El Matagalls, with altitudes close to or greater than 1,700 metres.

In these parameters, water is one of the great values. Water bottling plants, interpretation centers, villages that preserve rural architecture and charming hotels are concentrated throughout the area to enjoy leisure activities in the heart of nature: long journeys, legends of nymphs and bandits and, above all, a rich and extensive gastronomy.

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