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The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is a country belonging to the Middle East, in Asia, whose capital is Kabul. It has a population of 34 million inhabitants (40º) and an extension of 652,864 km 2 (40º). Its human development index is low (168º) and its official currency is the Afghan Afghani. And what language do they speak in Afghanistan?

What language do they speak in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan has two official languages:

    • Dari, or also Afghan Persian, is spoken by 50% of the population.
    • Pashto, spoken by 35% of the Afghan population.

In 1980, the government established that some regional languages ​​were given official status in regions where they are the majority language. This is included in the 2004 constitution, which includes the following languages: Uzbek, Turkmen, Baluchi, Pashayi, Nuristani and Pamiri.

afghanistan ethnolinguistic groups map

Other regional and minority languages ​​that can be seen on the map are: Turkish (Kirghiz), Iranian (Aimak, Hazara, Qizilbash, Tajik) and Brahui. The linguist Harald Haarmann estimates that up to 40 languages ​​are spoken in the country, with approximately 200 dialects.

The Dari language

Dari Farsi (فارسی دری), or Afghan Persian, is spoken by half the population, some 17 million Afghans.

afghan persian dari language map in afghanistan

The Pashtun language

Pashto (پشتون) is spoken by about 12 million people.

Pashtun language map in Afghanistan

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